Nourishment By Nadirah Peppermint Infused

Nourishment By Nadirah Peppermint Infused

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A propietary blend of 100% Natural West African Shea Butter fortified with Fruit, Root, Botanical Extracts, and infused with Peppermint Oil.

Peppermint encourages cellular regeneration for skin and hair growth. 

*Please note: Nourishment By Nadirah is a proprietary blend of fruit, root, and botanical extracts. If Nourishment by Nadirah liquifies, place in cool area and it will return to a solid state.

**We utilize raw organic Shea butter. The age of the Shea nut may cause the color of Nourishment By Nadirah to vary slightly. Our ingredients are harvested from the Earth and not laboratory created.